Lulu 'Patience' Chiyome

A shinobi's mission is absolute.


Hp: 26
AC: 22, Touch; 21, Flat-footed; 16

Fort: 2
Refl: 10
Will: 5 (+2 when having at least 1 Ki point left)
+2 vs sleep and charm effects: Changelings have slippery minds

Initiative: +6
Grapple: +4
Ki points: 7

30 ft speed

Character Sheet


Lulu Chiyome, better known as ‘patience’, was a young shinobi of the once proud Hamada clan and daughter of the clan’s leader. While most clans fought for good and balance in the open, the Hamada acted from the shadows, specializing in Espionage, Sabotage and Assassinations, all with balance in mind and never for personal gain.

Patience was a promising student, always far ahead of her fellow class mates and the youngest in the clan’s history to become a chūnin at the age of 24 (14 for human’s). She was well on her way to become a Tokujō, training almost obsessively, when her father died.

Student > Genin > Chūnin > Tokujō > Jōnin

Lulu 'Patience' Chiyome

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